Beyond supporting

Become part of the squad, or just one of our friends. The reality is that all elements are in place to make this dream a reality, all but one: money. We want to offer you good value for you membership though, see below for an overview.  

Beyond Squad

Become part of the Beyond Squad, get cheaper entry to all our events, an official Squad Jersey, and the opportunity to join our Squad rides when we’re in the neighborhood. We’ll welcome you personally!

Squad Membership
One time payment
300 EUR
Squad membership
Rwanda Beyond Jersey *
10% discount on all RaR Events**
Free entry to Squad Rides
Discount on purchases at partner sites
Personal welcome message from the team
Regular updates on the project via email

* Jersey currently in design, retail value EUR125
**Valid on all events up to 12 months after subscription, on standard fee tickets only. 

Beyond Fan

Beyond Fans are the building stones of our project, any kind of donation helps. We’ll update you on how your support is being used on a regular basis.  

Fan Package
Monthly payment
+5 EUR
Club membership
Discounted Rwanda Beyond Jersey
Free entry to Squad Rides
Regular updates on the project via email
RBB Day4-6-058
Beyond club twin

Get your club together, and twin with Rwanda Beyond. Through fundraising with people around you

Club Twin
One time payment
Official Twin Club for life
Discounted Rwanda Beyond Jersey
Free entry to Squad Rides
Beyond Cycling caps for your club


How will you money be used?

We’ve got some great support from sponsors and friends already, and we raise money through the events that we organize, but we need financial means for the following

  • Participate in international races, with costs for traveling, insurance, visa, accomodation etc
  • Get Rwandan cyclists in school, more info on this project very soon!

Want to help in a different way? Let us know below:

    Beyond a team, beyond a club, we’re a squad

    Igihe (433)