The Project

Rwanda Beyond has a dream: for cycling to enable social change, economic development, and a better life in general for Rwandan people. This is why we are not just a cycling team, but much more. 

We think cycling can make a positive difference, but this is not a given, not in the way cycling is structured currently in Rwanda. We want to give riders opportunities, competition and a future, not just within, but also beyond cycling. 

Education is a key part of the Rwanda Beyond project, which is based on three pillars: Cycling Events in Rwanda, Opportunities for riders (beyond the conventional cycling) and schooling for not just our own cyclists, but all Rwandans on a bike.


School dropout is a real and impactful issue in Rwanda, and in particular for young cyclists, who might decide to rather use the daylight for bike training rather than spending it purchasing a degree which is not even guaranteed to lead to a job. This is often even encouraged by their coaches.

Obviously, we believe in the importance of good education. A project that convinces kids to become a cyclist and subsequently drop out of school, is a failed project. This is why education is one of the three pillars of Rwanda Beyond. 

In the first stage, unfortunately we cannot go further than supporting our own Beyond riders in their professional development beyond just being a bike rider. In the future, our plans ar much bigger


Our events are the motor of the operation, they are the main fundraising for the project but also the main goal for the team, if the best of the world come to race in Rwanda, we will be ready to show them our worth. For all the events, we offer a selected number of free entries to Rwandan and East African riders, and not just for the riders we support, and give discounted entry fees for all local riders. 

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Creating a future for cyclists means to also think beyond cycling