Fundraiser for Violette's TNR

Several months ago, Violette found out about Komoot's Women Torino Nice Rally, and signed up for it. She got accepted and even better, Komoot offered to sponsor and support a big part of the trip. 

However, this was the easy part, getting a visa for Europe turned out to be the real challenge, it is one of these things Europeans take for granted but are very hard for people from other countries. It took forever, and we started to give up hope it would still happen. Now, less than a week before the start, the visa was accepted! We are currently rushing to arrange all (the bike and bags are in place, the shape is good, but flight tickets, insurance, etc, is expensive, especially when booked very last minute)

Honestly we had stopped believing the visa would still come true, and now we find ourself facing very expensive flight tickets, so we are short on funds, and asking for your support. 

We have no fundraising goal, although would love to raise at least the 2000 euros which is the cost of the flight ticket currently. Any budget left after the trip (best case scenario), will go 100% to education and professional development budget of Rwanda Beyond, and we will communicate very openly about this. 

Link for fundraising here

Who is Violette?

“My dreams don’t stop at riding a bicycle, I want to inspire girls all over the country to do the same, and to show people all over the world what Rwanda has to offer “

Violette Neza is student Tourism Management, started out in road cycling until her coach told her she had to make the choice between studying and cycling, and is now more determined than ever to do both. 

Her latest plan is to start a women’s ride of her own in Rwanda, and wants to find inspiration in the Torino Nice Rally

Thanks a lot to Komoot, Lael Wilcox and all others who are helping violette and others on these exciting new roads

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