Fundraiser for Violette's TNR

Several months ago, Violette found out about Komoot's Women Torino Nice Rally, and signed up for it. She got accepted and even better, Komoot offered to sponsor and support a big part of the trip. 

However, this was the easy part, getting a visa for Europe turned out to be the real challenge, it is one of these things Europeans take for granted but are very hard for people from other countries. It took forever, and we started to give up hope it would still happen. Now, less than a week before the start, the visa was accepted! We are currently rushing to arrange all (the bike and bags are in place, the shape is good, but flight tickets, insurance, etc, is expensive, especially when booked very last minute)

Honestly we had stopped believing the visa would still come true, and now we find ourself facing very expensive flight tickets, so we are short on funds, and asking for your support. 

We have no fundraising goal, although would love to raise at least the 2000 euros which is the cost of the flight ticket currently. Any budget left after the trip (best case scenario), will go 100% to education and professional development budget of Rwanda Beyond, and we will communicate very openly about this. 

Link for fundraising here

Who is Violette?

“My dreams don’t stop at riding a bicycle, I want to inspire girls all over the country to do the same, and to show people all over the world what Rwanda has to offer “

Violette Neza is student Tourism Management, started out in road cycling until her coach told her she had to make the choice between studying and cycling, and is now more determined than ever to do both. 

Her latest plan is to start a women’s ride of her own in Rwanda, and wants to find inspiration in the Torino Nice Rally

Thanks a lot to Komoot, Lael Wilcox and all others who are helping violette and others on these exciting new roads

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Our Stories

Beyond faces, there are stories

THe artist

Fazil Rukara

“I started cycling at the age of 16 on the advice of my doctor. I was a runner and I had a problem with my left knee. I knew how to ride a bike but nothing more. After a month of riding, I developed a passion.” 

Fazil’s first love was painting, which he has been doing since his childhood. He also makes handicrafts and even owns a handicraft shop. 

The Student

Violette Neza

“My dreams don’t stop at riding a bicycle, I want to inspire girls all over the country to do the same, to become the first female sports director in the country, to change the face of cycling in Rwanda. “

Violette is a student, hospitality management and languages, and has a passion for traveling in the country, and showing it to other people. 

Eric 'KUDUS' Nduwayo

Before turning it into a competitive sport, Eric used to carry banana bunches, bags of potatoes, etc. His load could sometimes reach over 100 kilos. He often met on the road, cyclists of the tour of Rwanda. He would follow them in their races to measure himself against them and was often surprised to be at the same level.

The coach

Innocent Inyireba

Innocent knew from a young age that he would be a cyclist because he was immersed in it since childhood, having in his family illustrious names in cycling such as Byukusenge Nathan, Nicodemo and Caleviane. He is now the coach of the Bugesera women’s team. He says that this is the typical fate of cyclists who are considered, at the age of 23, to be of no further use.

The champion

Jean Ruberwa

Jean tried a career as a karate player and soccer player before discovering cycling through Rocky, his neighbor, a nationally recognised cyclist. He hasn’t looked back since that time in 2013, when he joined the Rubavu club at the age of 14. Since then, cycling has become his life. When he is not representing his team in races, he is a tour guide for amateur cyclists who want to explore the country. 


Our Events

Bringing the cycling world to Rwanda

Three main events with an international focus form the core of our riding program, and are the main funding for our other two pillars of the project. With MTB, Gravel Racing and Bikepacking racing, each event is distinctly different and equally fun.

Go have a look on and for more information . 

For direct ticket sales for any of these three events, but also smaller events throughout the year, see

Showcasing the Rwandan cycling culture to the world is an honour


Our Dream

The Project

Rwanda Beyond has a dream: for cycling to enable social change, economic development, and a better life in general for Rwandan people. This is why we are not just a cycling team, but much more. 

We think cycling can make a positive difference, but this is not a given, not in the way cycling is structured currently in Rwanda. We want to give riders opportunities, competition and a future, not just within, but also beyond cycling. 

Education is a key part of the Rwanda Beyond project, which is based on three pillars: Cycling Events in Rwanda, Opportunities for riders (beyond the conventional cycling) and schooling for not just our own cyclists, but all Rwandans on a bike.


School dropout is a real and impactful issue in Rwanda, and in particular for young cyclists, who might decide to rather use the daylight for bike training rather than spending it purchasing a degree which is not even guaranteed to lead to a job. This is often even encouraged by their coaches.

Obviously, we believe in the importance of good education. A project that convinces kids to become a cyclist and subsequently drop out of school, is a failed project. This is why education is one of the three pillars of Rwanda Beyond. 

In the first stage, unfortunately we cannot go further than supporting our own Beyond riders in their professional development beyond just being a bike rider. In the future, our plans ar much bigger


Our events are the motor of the operation, they are the main fundraising for the project but also the main goal for the team, if the best of the world come to race in Rwanda, we will be ready to show them our worth. For all the events, we offer a selected number of free entries to Rwandan and East African riders, and not just for the riders we support, and give discounted entry fees for all local riders. 

See ‘our events’

Creating a future for cyclists means to also think beyond cycling 


Our supporters

Beyond supporting

Become part of the squad, or just one of our friends. The reality is that all elements are in place to make this dream a reality, all but one: money. We want to offer you good value for you membership though, see below for an overview.  

Beyond Squad

Become part of the Beyond Squad, get cheaper entry to all our events, an official Squad Jersey, and the opportunity to join our Squad rides when we’re in the neighborhood. We’ll welcome you personally!

Squad Membership
One time payment
300 EUR
Squad membership
Rwanda Beyond Jersey *
10% discount on all RaR Events**
Free entry to Squad Rides
Discount on purchases at partner sites
Personal welcome message from the team
Regular updates on the project via email

* Jersey currently in design, retail value EUR125
**Valid on all events up to 12 months after subscription, on standard fee tickets only. 

Beyond Fan

Beyond Fans are the building stones of our project, any kind of donation helps. We’ll update you on how your support is being used on a regular basis.  

Fan Package
Monthly payment
+5 EUR
Club membership
Discounted Rwanda Beyond Jersey
Free entry to Squad Rides
Regular updates on the project via email
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Beyond club twin

Get your club together, and twin with Rwanda Beyond. Through fundraising with people around you

Club Twin
One time payment
Official Twin Club for life
Discounted Rwanda Beyond Jersey
Free entry to Squad Rides
Beyond Cycling caps for your club


How will you money be used?

We’ve got some great support from sponsors and friends already, and we raise money through the events that we organize, but we need financial means for the following

  • Participate in international races, with costs for traveling, insurance, visa, accomodation etc
  • Get Rwandan cyclists in school, more info on this project very soon!

Want to help in a different way? Let us know below:

    Beyond a team, beyond a club, we’re a squad

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    Our Friends

    Sponsors and Partners

    Rwanda Beyond has been made possible thanks to some amazing friends we are lucky to call sponsors. 

    Hunt Bike Wheels

    Hunt Bike Wheels

    As premium brand of wheels for Gravel, Road and MTB but also supporter of the project from the very beginning!

    Read More
    Peloton de Paris

    Peloton de Paris

    Apparel brand with a mission to connect and inspire cyclists, and the perfect fit for Rwanda Beyond. 

    Read More


    NaomiCousins (468)


    Provider of shoes for gravel and MTB

    Read More
    Limar Helmets

    Limar Helmets

    We love not just telling our story, but building a story together. 

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    There are many variations passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form. ords which don’t look even slightly there isn’t anything embarrassing hidden in the middle of text.

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