Rwanda Beyond Bikepacking
An edition in December and an edition in January. 6 days of bikepacking through our stunning country. And 100% of the profits go to the project.

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Rwanda Beyond has seen how Rwanda is a country of cyclists. Cyclists who have ambition, talent and eagerness to do something. However, becoming a pro cyclist is not possible for everyone, especially in a culture where too often aspiring your riders are told to drop out of school. We want to show that cycling can also be an adventure, a passion. We are cyclists but we also build on our careers beyond riding, while inspiring your riders to stay in school.


Rwanda beyond is a social project, bringing cyclists from all over Rwanda and cyclist from all over the world in touch with each other


Ensuring Rwandan youth cyclists stay in school while training adult cyclists


Training adults cyclists and ensuring they find a job beyond their cycling


For Rwanda Beyond, cycling is adventure, we ride bikes because we love it, not because it's our job


We tell our story to other aspiring riders in Rwanda and beyond: cycling is more than just riding bikes!


We participate in races in the region and Europe


We need skills in communication, graphic design, training methods, nutrition, career coaching, fundraising and others. Do you want to assist Rwanda Beyond? Let us Know!

Contribute Financially

To achieve our ambitious goals, we need financial means. Donate now and become an official Rwanda Beyond Supporter

Organize a Fundraising

Get your cycling crew, group of friends, company, etc . together for a fundraising, we’ll be happy to assist you organizing it!

Donate Bikes and Parts

Both for the team and our training programmes we need bikes and parts. Do you have anything in your garage you did not touch in several months, think about donating them!

Join our events

Our Rwanda Beyond Bikepacking Events are an important source of revenue for us, join them and combine bike exploration with a good cause!

Lead us towards grants

Grants are a great way to fund our programme, but we can’t keep an eye on all of them. Did you hear about anything interesting? Let us know!

Hunt Bike Wheels

Supporter since the very beginning, partner until the very end. And creator of some amazing wheels

Peloton De Paris

Proudly wearing Peloton de Paris, the Belgian brand with a heart for sustainability and adventure.

Limar Helmets

Limar is an Italian company, with a 30-year-experience in the production of cycle helmets, leading the way with the world’s lightest helmet range.


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Bags for cycling adventures that have brought us all over the world.


Guiding us the way wherever we go, connecting us to other cycling lovers all over the world.